Old Goodbyes, New Beginnings

There’s a saying that goes “Goodbyes are not forever.”

Today I attended the senior graduation for my school. Never have I ever felt so depressed about seeing my friends leave. One by one, as I heard my friends’ names being called up to receive their diploma, the pit in my stomach began to grow emptier and more hollow. I just couldn’t believe it—these seniors were graduating and moving on with their lives. How could they accomplish such a feat? They had the possibility of never seeing each other again—how could they be smiling during this unhappy time? If you think about it, as a senior, you will never be able to wave or give your friends a little smile anymore as you pass them in the hallways. You won’t be able to attend the bomb a** dances nor assemblies nor be a part of school culture anymore. You’ll start from step one as a college freshmen. And that to me, is horrifying.

I guess in a way, I’m being selfish. I’ve met so many wonderful seniors this year that have made such a huge impact on my life and maybe that’s the reason why I feel so upset about them leaving. I won’t be able to see them in the hallways anymore, or physically go to them for advice. From now on, I’ll have to be more independent. Many of the ASB seniors this year have made me realize so many things, such as the fact that high school is a one in a lifetime opportunity and you better make the most out of it while you can. I can honestly say that as a freshman last year, I was so lost. I looked up to the upperclassmen for advice and I still do. Freshmen year I wasn’t involved in a single club or activity and I really whiled away my time, when I could’ve been doing something productive to help the school or community. When sophomore year rolled around, I joined more activities and clubs and the upperclassmen really guided me toward the path that I desired to follow. I respected and looked up to them—they were always so certain of themselves and willing to help. I pondered what I would do when they were gone, but that’s honestly something that’s going to make me stronger and develop into a person that I could be proud of.

I’ve learned so many things from my friends; I shouldn’t be sad about them leaving―I should be elated. What was important was the life lessons that they taught me. They’ve motivated me to be the best that I can by introducing me to things that I could do to make my experiences much more memorable. They put me back on my path when I was lost. If I really needed to, there was always social media where we could catch up and where I could ask for their advice and prior experiences.

In a way, I believe that many of the seniors don’t feel so bad about leaving high school because of the fact that they understand the inevitability of graduation. They’ve done all that they can in high school, and they’ve made their life so much better through their own sweat and tears. They might have had good friends during their high school career, but life is going to give them even greater friends. New experiences, new life, new friends, new start. Nervous, but optimistic is how I would describe them. They’re willing to try new things and I should try to also. They were probably in my same position when they were my age―lost, confused, scattered. But they found themselves as their senior year took its course, and I’m certain I will too.

Although “goodbyes” can be hard to accept, new “hellos” are what makes them easy to endure.
Best of luck to the Class of 2015. I hope I am able to impact someone the way you’ve impacted me one day.


Operation Destination

One of the best projects that I’ve been involved with this year is the innovation project. My English teacher proposed this idea to his students as a way for them to develop teamwork skills, communication, and leadership undertaking. By groups, my classmates were to create something memorable/innovative that would give them a sort of “1 up” on their resume. One of the examples that a few of his students last year proposed was inspired by The Camp, a park in Costa Mesa.
innovative project 2

What the students from last year did was take this idea that they had seen at The Camp, and brought it to our school. Currently, our senior parking lot has many painted inspiring quotes that really bring a smile to people’s face. The innovation project for the parking lot was a great idea and truly brought a sense of positivity and higher morality to our school atmosphere, which was a great feeling.

So, what did I do?

Well, my group for this project saw the parking lot idea from The Camp as inspiring, so we thought, “Oh, hey! Why don’t we paint footprints leading to every hallway?”. It would be a fun project where students could identify which color footprint pertained to which hallway and from there and then follow those footprints to their respected hallway/class! We named the project “Operation Destination”. It would be designed by students in order to help other students. We were also aware of the fact that freshmen usually felt so lost and confused during their first year in high school and how important it is to welcome our underclassmen. This project would help them in finding their classes easier and more efficiently.

However, we faced a major problem. First of all―time consumption. Painting all these footprints leading to their respected hallways under 30 days would take a huge amount of time and also money for paints and brushes. We also had to go through the liberty of finding the right type of paint that would not run when there was rain. Second of all, my group needed approval from the activities office to see if we could act upon our project or not.

In order to achieve our goal, the Operation Destination squad had to make a plan. We designated due dates/deadlines where we had to complete on time in order not to procrastinate and to actually complete the project to the best of our ability.

innovation project 3

We met the desired deadlines and asked for permission, but unfortunately was not granted the opportunity to finish our initial project. Instead, Operation Destination Footprints had to turn into Operation Destination Maps. We still wanted to do something to help the students and specifically the freshmen, so we created a My Google Map template where students can use the bit.ly link to check out all the sites and classrooms that were easily to find using our template.

Creating awareness for our template was also important, so social media accounts were made in order to help promote Operation Destination.

fv mapWhat we further plan to do with this project is to shed light upon its beneficial qualities and to aid our fellow classmates and lower confusion next and hopefully upcoming years. We also wish to present this project to Link Crew (freshmen orientation) so that our underclassmen could be aware that there is a potential source which they could use to help them.

My Operation Destination teammates and I learned a lot from this experience. We saw how we could not always go with our first idea, so we had to learn to work around it. Adapt─as most people would say. We had to talk to many people to learn how to work with our idea and that was a good experience to have firsthand. My team brushed up on our communication and prioritizing skills because we are all equally busy and our schedules always seemed to clash. In order to get work done, we had to prioritize and make sure we communicated to get the result we wanted.
In the end, our project was pretty satisfying. We created what we aimed for and what’s best is that it’s color coded with pictures in between! Our innovation project changed all of us for the best, and we completed our project with a certainty that our work will help our fellow students.

Link to Map: bit.ly/fvhsmap


Square Up

Wham! Smash! Pow!

That’s how the debates felt for me. Punch after punch, both sides of the debates landed solids until one of them could not go on any further. Honestly, BRAWL was a great learning experience for me! Oral presentation and articulation is a skill that everyone should practice and with the BRAWL, students had to think quick on their feet in order to evade (answer) the hits (rebuttals) that were mercilessly thrown towards them. What gave this experience a bigger importance was the fact that the seated audience could hit three buttons which would enable them to engage their own experiences/opinions into the current debate. That added a feeling of competition and an overall interesting aspect to the debate.


The most important points that I pulled from the BRAWL were:

-stick to your side and do not contradict yourself or else the other team will have a bigger chance of winning the argument by proving their point

-be quick on your feet. Don’t stammer or feel hesitant.

-Be persuasive; the audience’s reaction is an important component to the debate and its outcome

-be sure that both teams stick to the debate question and not get too off topic, or the debate would be meaningless

-speak loudly and confidently, so your point will be evident/clear

Every team has individual members doing their part to help. For my own part, I usually analyzed the questions and found adequate events/quotes used in the book that we could use to answer the BRAWL question. I also added in my own thoughts on each question, so that we could create a more solid answer. I interfered to help my team by pressing the activation button and pointed out the flaws in the other side’s answers.

The points that I had pulled from this BRAWL experience will be held in account during any of my oral presentations. It’s important for everyone to learn from their experiences. Next time a debate rolls around, I’ll be sure to incorporate what I learned during the BRAWL into it.

My Blogging Experience ( So far :-) )

Never had I thought before that I would blog throughout my high school career. Sure, many people had diaries or journals, but blogging?! It seemed like an entirely different matter. However, I can honestly say that I can reflect back and I have come to appreciate blogging and the benefits of it. Who else can agree with me that blogging is the perfect way to rant? It’s like an online journal where you can share your thoughts to the world and really contribute to the global conversation. I learned so much during this year, ranging from how to publish an interesting post to sharing my feelings and contributions with friends and followers. The beginning of the year, I was reluctant to share my thoughts and opinions so publicly with everyone online, but I soon stopped looking as blogging as a chore and started to look at it as a sort of friend. My blog was there for me during my lazy days, my emotional days, and the days where I felt on top of the world. I couldn’t have appreciated it any less than I do now.


Personally, I feel like I greatly improved myself thanks to blogging. Over the course from September to June, I now am able to better organize and articulate my thoughts. I’ve developed essential online skills such as tweeting and writing that will further aid me in life. For all those young bloggers out there, woohoo!!! Y’all are doing great! Keep sharing your blog because you’re one step ahead of the game.

dory and marlin

I myself, am planning to pursue a career in business and marketing and to do that, it’s extremely important to have solid connections and social media to promote ideas and to nourish those ideas into something great and worthwhile. I’d have to say that blogging has definitely helped me to take a step in this direction and I appreciate the opportunity that I’ve been able to take with blogging. I’ve been able to grow and feel inspired every time I read my peers’ writings and sort of connect with them on a personal level. Every blog is different and pertains to the writer, and reading someone’s blog post gives you such an intimate feeling that only you and the writer feel. Strange, but true! Blogs are a reflection of every person. Even if I don’t personally know the blogger, I feel as if I’m on a totally different plane sometimes as the blogger explains to me in their own words and passions and feelings about anything and everything. It’s such an intimate and admirable feeling.

For any future bloggers, all I can say is to make the blog yours. Just own it. Have fun. Be creative. This is the time to express who you truly are, and blogging is the best way to do so. I’ve truly enjoyed this school year’s first time blogging, and I will continue to do so, and also urge others to do so as well.

you do you

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23 important little reminders

I love the way that Katherine sums up 23 propositions that we should live by in our lives. Everyone should live their lives to the best of their ability and sometimes, many people tend to forget that life really is precious. Life is valuable, life is a lesson, life is independence. Everyone goes through life taking baby steps and learning their own unique way. However, people may fall over and become too frustrated to get back up. Failure should NEVER be something to hold you back. “Time goes forward, not back.” We need to learn as human beings to make the best of what we’ve got and to institute our very own morals to live by. Being solely reliant and ashamed of what others may think of you is inexcusably NOT the way to go about life. Katherine does a great job of summarizing some of the best propositions to live life by and I admire the lessons incorporated into her post.

a little ↓ 5

This is just to give you a small push throughout your day! We’ve all had those bad days where we were stuck in a rut, unsure of what to do, and ultimately #DONEWITHEVERYTHING. I wrote this list on one of those days a while back, and I was in a foul mood, but I released my built up anger by making this. Even though I never meant to publish them.. Why not though, right? We all learn a few things that we really follow through and live by, and these are mine. To me, these are a few little reminders and a little tug to bring me back down to earth whenever I’m being overly dramatic. Let us not be airheads from this day forward!

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Crime at the Police Station

The chief of a police station sat quietly at his desk, scanning folders upon folders of papers. He had tons of paperwork to do (as usual) and was intent on finishing today’s work early, because he had a slight uncanny feeling. He absent mindedly took a sip of his rich, steamy coffee and continued his work.

hot tea blog 2

It was near 1 pm when the county’s detective walked into his office. The chief of the station was slightly irritated because of his interrupted lunch break, but sat anyway to listen to the case that the detective had to present.

“Sir, a young woman was murdered this morning and a new case has been brought in about her.” said the detective, “I would like permission to further investigate her case. It seems that she has no living relatives to attend or pay for her funeral either.”

“Well, what’s your lead? Any evidence of the whereabouts of any of her living relatives? Where’s her murderer?”, asked the chief.

“That’s why I’m here, sir”, said the detective, “I would like permission to further investigate her case.”

“Alright; don’t bother me again until I hear that you’ve solved this case; I’ve got tons of paperwork to complete.” said the head.

The head went back to work and the detective went to solve his case.


Four in the afternoon rolled by and the detective had put together some of the evidence he needed to present and solve his case. He had DNA blood samples, hanging rope, the woman’s hair, and other scraps of clothing. All he needed to do now was to send the evidence to the nearest forensic scientist. The evidence would arrive shortly in his office by tomorrow morning.

The detective did a last check off of his items, sealed them all in air-tight bags, said good-bye to the head of the station, and took them directly to the forensics office himself.

Next morning, as he had expected, the evidence and completed forensics were there on his desk. Excited to tell the chief, the detective snatched his evidence and strolled to the chief’s office.

The chief sat at his desk, looking bedraggled because he had to stay late last night finishing all of yesterday’s work that he had expected to finish earlier. The detective sat down in front of the chief and waited patiently for acknowledgement. When the chief glanced up, the detective waved the folder containing the evidence. The chief sighed and sat up.

“Chief, I’ve got the evidence.” said the detective as he pulled the files from the folder.

“Read what you have to me.” said the chief.

Quickly scanning the files, the detective sat up alarmed.

“Well, what is it?!” said the chief impatiently.

“….Chief…,” said the detective, “it says right here that your fingerprints were found on the rope used to hang the victim.”

Springtime Slushies

Springtime is just around the corner and everyone knows that this calls for pre summertime smoothies!! Just think about it: sitting in the cool green grass at the park, simpin to your favorite tunes, and drinking the best homemade smoothies around. Not only are they delicious, but the smoothies are homemade so you can decide what to put into them to pertain to your favorite tastes! However, are you uncertain of what to make? Don’t worry; there’s tons of simple homemade recipes to follow to get the best type of smoothies.


  1. Classic Strawberry Banana (ahhh the classic)
  • 1 cup diced peeled banana
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 cup ice
  • ½ cup of milk
  • ½ cup of greek yogurt


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Good Grub

The other day, I was conversing with my friend. We were comparing our favorite restaurants and favorite places to grab a bite. During our conversation, he kept repeatedly bringing up foods that made me drool. I realized that I hadn’t had the opportunity to actually try the different foods and flavors from restaurants that were located around the Orange County and Los Angeles area.. As our conversation further extended, we began talking about street food. Street food is basically some really good grub that is a to-go food that is relatively cheap and is usually found at amusement parks, attractions, or events such as US open.

Being the person I am, I became super curious as to where I could get these foods without having to attend some type of attraction. I therefore went online and flipped through some of my friend’s instagram pictures and found some pretty neat places to eat at that contained street foods away from the street.

  1. Musubiya Balls & Burgers– Ramen Burgers

-3701 S Harbor Blvd Ste F Santa Ana, CA 92704

-Ramen Burgers: Crispy Ramen with large combinations of meat and salad in between

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Trappity Trap Trap

I like to call trap music the music of the gods. Never heard of this genre before? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, so let’s shine some light on the subject. Trap, which originated from the Southern United States, was introduced in the 1990’s beginning with artists such as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Its genre is a modern, hybrid electric dance music mixed with splurges of dubstep and hip hop filtered in. Although classified as a part of edm ( electric dance music), trap music branched off on its own into a wholely different element of music.


The thing I love about trap music is its energy. You can never go wrong with trap music if you’re half asleep and want some jerking music to really wake and energize you. Bio Machine by T Mass, one of my personally favorite songs, is definitely a good example of this.

If you listened to the video, you could definitely hear the distinction of trap music compared to that of hip hop. It has a deeper undertone and bass and vibrating rhythm.

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The Key to Friendship

What is friendship? How does it relate to us? As human beings, we depend on our environment and the people we come in contact with. We are given the ability to surround ourselves with people that we believe would be best for ourselves. Friends are an important aspect in every day life. Relationships between people may make or break us. It’s as simple as that. Easy peasy. We rely on ourselves and also the support of others to succeed. On the other hand, of course, it’s a little more complicated than that. There will always be people who will try to bring you down. Not everyone is as they seem. The first step towards finding the best types of friends is to actually interact with people.

How is one supposed to find good relationships amongst people if they never interact? Places such as school, the workplace, and socializing venues make for the perfect place to meet new people.

But how do you actually work your way up to  the status of good, or even best friends? Well, that, my friend, comes with time. People may easily click depending on what type of people they are, but most of the time, time is the master of all things. The best of friendships occur when the two individuals realize the amount of things that they can easily converse about and how comfortable they are with one another they spending time together. Good friendships take time! Don’t be discouraged at first if your new found friend isn’t as enthusiastic about everything; you have to get to know them first!

Then come the fights. Sometimes, if the friends are really great pals, fights never ensue a disagreement, but most of the time there’s going to be something that neither of the friends agree on. It could be a political view, self characteristics, etc. It’s what matters AFTER the fight that either makes or break a friendship. if both friends have no guts to admit their wrongs, then surely the friendship is going to come to a close. However, a good friendship is always precious. Is it really worth losing one of the people you trust the most over a petty argument?

How to know if someone were a backstabber? Now that’s a hard question. Most of the time, backstabbers lurk behind you in the shadows. When the time is ripe, they show their faces before utterly betraying  you. Of course it’s going to hurt. The whole time, you thought they were always going to be there―just like a shadow. Always. The surprising part is when that shadow actually bites you in the arse. But, you know what? Everyone goes through that struggle. You just have to cure that bee’s sting with some honey. Make the best of your situation and don’t be so down in the dumps. It’s only ONE person. Although they were a great friend, if they backstab you. who knows when they’ll do it again?


Trust and time makes a friendship. It’s always clever to surround yourself with the best types of people. Nonetheless, there are always going to be bumps in the road. It’s the road ahead of the bumps that matter in a friendship. Put in that amount of effort, and you will receive it back from the best kinds of people. <333